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Babe got her nip peeped out

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Charming chippy, whose nip peeped out, enjoys the crowd sitting on her friends shoulders and does not get it why everybody is making pictures of her
Tags: up blouse, down blouse picture
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Kancha ( 9 years ago )
If any body wants to sext, boys and girls, then feel free to send your numbers! I can't send or revecie pics, sorry. But we'll still have lotsa sexy fun!
Andjjargirlls ( 9 years ago )
If any body wants to sext, boys and girls, then feel free to send your numbers! I can't send or recevie pics, sorry. But we'll still have lotsa sexy fun!
Morsas ( 9 years ago )
First, I think there are many of us that  just like (or prefer) being nude,   and are nude whenveer possible and that includes in temps that others may find clothing more suitable for the cold.I think we all have our own internal themostats and some of us warm up easier, others get colder faster.  I, like you, seem to warm up enough to shed clothing much sooner than my wife or even our oldest daughter, who is always cold.We live in Southern California and our guage for  cold  is not the same as those of you that live in areas where your suburbs and cities get snow, heavy snow.  We need to travel into the mountains to experience it or travel to places that are typically cold in fall and winter.  For us   it's cold when it's in the 50 s but those that live in areas that have temps much colder than that   would see 50+ degree weather a blessing and make it easier to take their clothes off and enjoy being nude in that temp.As long as I am working, doing something to generate some internal heat   I've been nude in low 40 degree weather for a period of time.  I've been nude in lower temps but not for prolonged periods of time.  My wife's nude thermometer is 68 degrees, sun, no wind.  She gets cold easily.For me; given the change to be naked   I'm all over the thermometer! LOL
Laurent ( 9 years ago )
Penelope Cruz and Keira Knightly look fine without mauekp (actually, Penelope looks better without it).  Keira just needed a? good dose of lip and eyebrow waxing.
Yogesh ( 9 years ago )
carabossDay 1 (Friday) arrived in Chiang mai exsauhted after all the traveling.  Did ministry at Emmi's coffee house that reaches out to Thai college students, enjoyed some open-mic night at the coffee house and then crashed upstairs in the mission team dorms.Day 2 (Saturday)went to a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai,  and prayed against strongholds of Buddhism in the country.  Visited with a local monk to gain understanding of the belief system and Buddhist impact on culture. went out to the slums and played with the children there. Prayer walking in the red light district.Day 3 (Sunday) went to a church and performed drama, shared testimonies, Dan shared a brief message.  Had lunch with the church family afterwards. The whole team enjoyed the lunch experience with brothers and sisters in Christ. In the afternoon, prayed for Thai people, each other, and the Africa and Guatemala trips.Day 4 (Monday) traveled to Home of Blessing in Chiang Kham.  Met the girls that are there and Pastors Sayan and Siriporn Kusavadee.  Team members have there own small group and met with them, played and quickly bonded with the girls.  Everyone loves it there.  Dan Haack
Mahmoud ( 9 years ago )
yo! the one in the pink and black can sing she is in a video and she has a myspace page go to  and you will see her and ray j tohgeter she is very beautiful!! i am mad they shot her from the back!!!!!!
Sleman ( 9 years ago )
I completely udsrentand the need for privacy and respect for others's personal space, but that doesn't justify banning technology that younger people need to do their jobs in today's world. I've always maintained that technology would help bolster club memberships via pictures or blog posts. That doesn't mean clubs can't survive without tech, but this problem will not go away before the last club does. In compromise, I do like the idea of a pouch or carrying case and restricted zones. I don't bring phones with me poolside because of the water. I could also see electronic devices restricted to inside tents, cars, or RVs. What about signing agreements that taking photos of non-consenting members would result in instant bans?

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